Autonomous Atak Electric, Karsan got the first order for the bus (from Romania)

May 26, 2020

The Turkish manufacturer Karsan announces the signature of the first order for its Autonomous Atak Electric.

BSCI, a leading technology company in Romania, ordered one Autonomous Atak Electric to use it in the Industry Park in the city of Ploiești. Autonomous Atak Electric will be on pilot service in a pre-designated project area and will be delivered to BSCI by the end of the year. Technological system for driverless operations is provided by California-based company Adastec.

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The Autoware Foundation Meetup: Autonomous Public Transportation

May 21, 2020

On May 27th, Dr. Ali Peker, CEO and Dr. Kerem Par, CTO of ADASTEC will join Sanjay Krishnan, VP of Product at Apex.AI to share their latest updates on Autonomous Public Transportation. Event detailsWednesday, May 27th at 6:00 PM (US - Pacific).(The event link will be provided 2 days before the event.)Seats are limited! RSVP Now!

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Automated Bus Pilot on MSU's campus in Michigan

May 15, 2020

Adastec is partnering with Michigan State University (MSU) to roll out a full-size, electric Level 4 automated bus on MSU’s campus in East Lansing, Michigan, USA. The pilot will service a 7-mile route and will be open to the public beginning in 2021.

Designed for large-scale public transport on pre-defined public road routes, the Adastec Open Automated Bus Platform, named TEC-DRIVE, will be fully integrated with a wide range of compute, sensor, mapping and safety equipment. The open platform provides flexibility to bus manufacturers and, in turn, allows them to build the best automated bus configurations for the needs of the public transportation operators.“Adastec is proud to be part of PlanetM’s grant program initiative,” said Dr. Ali Peker, CEO of Adastec. “When the history of autonomous vehicles is charted, we will see the major role played by Michigan, its companies and its people. We believe, together, we can build a safer, more sustainable future that starts with Michigan and brings value to communities across the United States and the world.”

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KARSAN ATAK Electric will be automated by ADASTEC

April 19, 2020

KARSAN started working for public transportation vehicles with autonomous driving characteristics. KARSAN, who first worked on ATAK Electric, announced that it would bring ATAK Electric to Level-4 Autonomous driving features.‍

KARSAN, which has studies on autonomous vehicles and cooperates with ADASTEC, plans to complete the first Autonomous ATAK Electric vehicle at the prototype level in August 2020. The test and validation studies of ATAK Electric will be continued until the end of the year by integrating Level-4 Autonomous software developed by ADASTEC into the ATAK Electric electrical-electronic architecture and electric vehicle software.The prototype will be completed in AugustEmphasizing that they continue to invest in technology and R&D despite the coronavirus epidemic, KARSAN CEO Okan Baş said, “At ATAK Electric, which was developed by our R&D team and started mass production in September 2019, it is dynamic without Level A-4 Autonomous driver assistance. Our work has begun to ensure that all driving requirements are met by an automatic driving system. In this regard, we also use special equipment, such as RADAR, LiDAR, thermal camera, to detect all living and inanimate assets around the vehicle in order to perform automatic driving functions. We will perform the simulation and validation tests of autonomous ATAK Electric, whose first prototype will be completed in August 2020, in our Hasanağa factory in Bursa, Turkey. As of the end of the year, we will bring Autonomous ATAK Electric to the ready-to-use level. ”

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April 5, 2020

As a Level-4 Automated Bus Software Solution Provider ADASTEC is planning to present its total solution running on 8-meter (full-size) electric bus to UITP members worldwide.


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