ADASTEC is a member of the Autoware Foundation

February 15, 2021

ADASTEC Corp. specialized in the most advanced Level-4 automated transportation platform,, for full-size commercial vehicles; today announced that it had joined the Autoware Foundation. Autoware is a non-profit organization supporting open-source projects that accelerate the development of autonomous driving technology.

ADASTEC will supportthe Autoware Foundation by using/testing the new releases of Autoware duringthe development process and giving technical feedback. ADASTEC's contributionwill enable users and developers of Autoware to improve their open-sourcesoftware platforms and projects' quality and functionality.

"Autoware is theleader in open-source autonomous driving software," said Dr. Ali Peker,CEO of ADASTEC. "We believe in the power of community. Joining theAutoware Foundation will enable us to work together with leaders of theautomated driving community and share perspective and experience acrossdifferent applications and components of automated driving."

ADASTEC will sit onAutoware Foundation's Technical Steering Committee, driving the strategicdirection and technical priorities as a premium member.

"We are excitedto welcome ADASTEC who is a technology leader for Level-4 automatedtransportation. Currently Autoware is designed for Level-4 autonomous vehicles.We believe ADASTEC’s participation in the Autoware Foundation will bringAutoware to real services and accelerate its deployment in the realmarket.", said Shinpei Kato, member of the Board of Directors forAutoware.

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ADASTEC is part of University of Michigan's TechLab at MCity 2021

October 25, 2020

We are proud to be part of the University of Michigan's Techlab at Mcity 2021.This project is working on the transit platforms that will deliver the future of widely available, autonomous, public transportation in the US.

The goal of the Adastec Corp. student team will be to create a sensor fusion architecture for enhanced perception in adverse weather conditions and will incorporate multiple sensors that are currently in service on buses powered by the ADASTEC autonomous platform together with new sensors designed to improve safety and the overall capabilities of the autonomous bus in all environments.

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Autonomous Atak Electric, Karsan got the first order for the bus (from Romania)

May 26, 2020

The Turkish manufacturer Karsan announces the signature of the first order for its Autonomous Atak Electric.

BSCI, a leading technology company in Romania, ordered one Autonomous Atak Electric to use it in the Industry Park in the city of Ploiești. Autonomous Atak Electric will be on pilot service in a pre-designated project area and will be delivered to BSCI by the end of the year. Technological system for driverless operations is provided by California-based company Adastec.

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The Autoware Foundation Meetup: Autonomous Public Transportation

May 21, 2020

On May 27th, Dr. Ali Peker, CEO and Dr. Kerem Par, CTO of ADASTEC will join Sanjay Krishnan, VP of Product at Apex.AI to share their latest updates on Autonomous Public Transportation. Event detailsWednesday, May 27th at 6:00 PM (US - Pacific).(The event link will be provided 2 days before the event.)Seats are limited! RSVP Now!

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Automated Bus Pilot on MSU's campus in Michigan

May 15, 2020

Adastec is partnering with Michigan State University (MSU) to roll out a full-size, electric Level 4 automated bus on MSU’s campus in East Lansing, Michigan, USA. The pilot will service a 7-mile route and will be open to the public beginning in 2021.

Designed for large-scale public transport on pre-defined public road routes, the Adastec Open Automated Bus Platform, named TEC-DRIVE, will be fully integrated with a wide range of compute, sensor, mapping and safety equipment. The open platform provides flexibility to bus manufacturers and, in turn, allows them to build the best automated bus configurations for the needs of the public transportation operators.“Adastec is proud to be part of PlanetM’s grant program initiative,” said Dr. Ali Peker, CEO of Adastec. “When the history of autonomous vehicles is charted, we will see the major role played by Michigan, its companies and its people. We believe, together, we can build a safer, more sustainable future that starts with Michigan and brings value to communities across the United States and the world.”

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