We moved our HQ to Ann Arbor MI

March 7, 2022

ADASTEC has chosen to locate its U.S. headquarters at the SPARK Central Innovation Center as the company looks for a permanent location in the region. ADASTEC chose Ann Arbor because of the incredible amount of mobility innovation happening there and the support for future growth available throughout its robust tech ecosystem.

Ann Arbor SPARK and Detroit Regional Partnership Providing Business Development and Talent Assistance to Accelerate Growth

ADASTEC has chosen to locate its U.S. headquarters at the SPARK Central Innovation Center as the company looks for a permanent location in the region. ADASTEC chose Ann Arbor because of the incredible amount of mobility innovation happening there and the support for future growth available throughout its robust tech ecosystem.

“Having a permanent headquarter location here in the Ann Arbor region is a benefit to ADASTEC because of its proximity to U-M and MSU,” explained Ann Arbor SPARK’s director of mobility programs, Komal Doshi. “The company’s future growth is dependent on access to business development opportunities and finding talent, so there’s no better place than Ann Arbor for it to grow its roots. What’s particularly exciting for our ecosystem here is that ADASTEC joins a growing list of foreign companies that recognize the assets this region offers and want to be part of it all.”

ADASTEC CEO Dr. Ali Peker added, “We believe that Michigan is one of the best locations to be for mobility and automotive industry. There are excellent opportunities in Michigan as economic development corporations, associations, and chambers. Michiganders greet us warmly at all times and have always supported us without any expectations. We are happy to be in Ann Arbor and to take our place in the heart of the automotive industry innovations.”

ADASTEC has developed, an SAE Level-4 automated driving software platform for commercial vehicles. The company has deployed a test of its technology on Michigan State University’s (MSU) campus in East Lansing, made possible through a collaboration with the state of Michigan and bus manufacturer Karsan. MSU will officially deploy the bus after completing intense on-campus testing and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration validation of the bus, route, and infrastructure.

Ann Arbor SPARK and its partners at the Detroit Regional Partnership have also connected ADASTEC to University of Michigan’s Mcity Tech Lab Program where a four-member student team will be working with them to create a sensor fusion architecture for enhanced perception in adverse weather conditions. Their work will also incorporate new and existing multiple sensors designed to improve safety and the overall capabilities of the autonomous bus in all environments.

ADASTEC is also planning to leverage testing and validation opportunities through the American Center for Mobility in Ypsilanti, Mich. and capture the performance of the system in different scenarios. Ann Arbor SPARK, the Detroit Regional Partnership, and ADASTEC are aggressively pursuing additional partnerships to help further the company’s operations in the region.

Ann Arbor SPARK will host ADASTEC at the virtual A2Mobility Tech Meetup on April 21, where they will share more about their technology and their growth plans. The company currently has five employees locally with plans to double their team here in the next year.

About Ann Arbor SPARK

Ann Arbor SPARK, a non-profit organization, is advancing the region by encouraging and supporting business acceleration, attraction and retention. The organization identifies and meets the needs of business at every stage, from start-ups to large organizations. Ann Arbor SPARK collaborates with business, academic, government, and community investor partners. For more information, please call (734) 761-9317 or visit


ADASTEC delivers SAE Level-4 Automated Driving Software Platform for commercial vehicles to enable OEMs to develop modern, automated, shared, and connected commercial vehicles. ADASTEC SAE Level-4 Automated Driving Software Platform integrated buses are on public roads in 5 countries in Europe & North America. is designed with the fusion of different high-precision sensors available in the global market and complies with safety standards and regulations.

ADASTEC has technology and operation offices in the U.S. plus an R&D and EU Operations office in Turkey. For more information, visit

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ADASTEC Case Study by Ouster

August 7, 2021

Autonomy in Shared Transportation Increased levels of autonomy are being added to passenger vehicles, but even greater levels of autonomy are being added to passenger buses and shuttles. With urbanization on the rise, an increasing number of the population will need to rely on public modes of transportation to get around. Further, in order to reduce carbonization, much of the world’s transportation is expected to shift towards electric vehicles. Thankfully, electric autonomous buses are quickly developing with SAE Level 4 (L4) hands-free, eyes-free deployments already taking place around the world.

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ADASTEC and Its OEM Partner Karsan Automotive Signed an Agreement with Istanbul Technical University (ITU)!

June 8, 2021

This project will transport and allow all students, university staff, technopark employees to travel within the campus in mix traffic with Level 4 Karsan Atak 26 feet EV Automated Bus running on ADASTEC software. With this cooperation, new projects with high commercial potential on a global scale in the field of automated vehicle technologies are on the target.

At the signing ceremony;

ITU Rector Prof.  Dr. İsmail Koyuncu said, “One of the most important pillars ofdigitalization today is the artificial intelligence technology, which isgaining importance day by day and is integrated with many industries. It is nowpossible to use it extensively in autonomous vehicle applications and tominimize the problems caused by human error. At ITU, we had been alreadyworking on this technology. But now, thanks to the R&D project we startwith the vehicle manufacturer Karsan and its autonomous technology businesspartner ADASTEC, we will both be able to implement a completely domestic andnational technology and have the chance to provide information and experienceto other sectors with the new experiences we will gain. I hope that this project will be enhanced with the pioneeringengineering perspective of Istanbul Technical University and turn into asuccess story.”


Dr.  Ali Ufuk Peker, CEO of ADASTEC, emphasizedthe added value of the work in his statement and said: “From production tosales, and service based business models, the automotive industry is one of thelargest industrial and service sectors in every country in the world. Thanks tothe R&D studies, academic publications, product and workforce demands fromindustry autonomous vehicles will be able to use more sophisticated andvalue-added information. We are very proud and pleased to undertake such aproject under the leadership of ITU.”


Okan Baş, CEO of Karsan,said: “With its pioneering role, Karsan started working to manufacture thepublic transportation vehicles of the future. Accordingly, at the beginning ofthe year, we introduced Autonomous Atak Electric, the first serial-manufacturedLevel-4 automated bus in Europe and America. After receiving our first orderfrom Romania, we are now happy to respond to the request of ITU, one of themost respected educational institutions in Turkey. As part of this, we aim todeliver Autonomous Atak Electric for the 2021-2022 academic year. It is anhonor for us and our country that our driverless 8-meter bus will be utilizedand developed within the scope of R&D activities of ITU.”  


Autonomous Atak Electric Bus,developed by the joint work of Karsan's R&D team and ADASTEC using the software on Atak Electric, Karsan's 100% electric model in the 8-meter class,will be used in project development studies within the scope of R&Dactivities of the university. This will pave the way for industrial andtechnology companies and the academia to develop technological products andservices with high scientific depth and commercial potential.


With ADASTEC’s software, Autonomous Atak Electric cannavigate through streets without a human driver, is equipped with LiDAR sensorsall around. Autonomous bus comes with innovative technologies such as anadvanced RADAR in the front, high-resolution image processing with RGB camerasand extra driving safety thanks to thermal imaging cameras. Offering a Level-4autonomous driving experience in combination with these technologies,Autonomous Atak Electric can drive itself on a pre-arranged route. Capable ofreaching speed of up to 50 kilometers per hour in all road conditions night andday when in self-driving mode, the bus can autonomously perform taskspreviously done by a human driver such as pulling into bus stops on the route,managing the passengers getting on/off, navigating through roundabouts,thoroughfares or traffic lights etc.



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May 26, 2021

ADASTEC Selects Teledyne FLIR Thermal Sensors for Level-4 Autonomous Bus Platform

ADASTEC integrated thermal cameras with the primary focus on improving detection and safety of all vulnerable road users on or near the road and at bus stops. Furthermore, thermal cameras are a key sensor technology to more readily distinguish and classify pedestrians who are be partially obscured by nearby vehicles and other common roadway and urban objects.

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ADASTEC Case by LUCID Vision. World's First Full Size Full Speed Level-4 autonomous bus

April 2, 2021

The 100% electrically powered and self-driving bus was declared road-worthy for the highways and streets of Europe and the USA. This marked an important milestone in their autonomous journey, making it the first Level-4 full-size self-driving electric bus in its segment.

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