July 18, 2023

ADASTEC’s Symphony of Rain and Technology

Automated Bus Symphony of Rain and Technology

Imagine raindrops hitting the windows as you take a roadtrip through the countryside of Stavanger, Norway. At ADASTEC, our commitment to providing modern, automated, shared, and connected commercial vehicles remains unwavering even when faced with nature's challenges. In this article, we invite you to celebrate the romance that emerges as ADASTEC continues to serve its passengers in the enchanting embrace of rainy weather. 

In Norway, a country known for its breathtaking natural landscapes and ever-changing weather, ADASTEC's Level-4 Automated Driving Software Platform partnership with KARSAN has been carrying passengers from old to young for over a year. The symphony between the latest technology developed by ADASTEC and the enchanting atmosphere kissed by the rain creates a unique atmosphere for both the safety driver and the passengers. 

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With rain as its dance partner, ADASTEC's automated bus gracefully navigate misty roads, driven by an intricate network of sensors and algorithms. The symphony of raindrops drives a stunning performance, while SAE Level-4 and sensor suite technology detect and adapt to changing road conditions, ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey for everyone.

SAE Level 4 Automated Bus in Stavanger

Romantic Escapes with Automated Bus

What could be more romantic than going on a scenic journey with your loved one, where the raindrops you see on the window of the bus, accompanied by a wonderful view, accompany the rhythm of your journey? ADASTEC embraces the poetry of rainy weather and turns it into an opportunity to offer you unforgettable experiences. While our SAE Level-4 Automated Buses wait patiently to take you to their next destination, they offer a warm environment where passengers can escape the rain and enjoy their friendship with each other.

Passenger Safety First

At ADASTEC, we understand that rainy weather can sometimes get you down and down, but we embrace this challenge and turn it into an exceptional service opportunity. Our automated bus is designed for you, providing the highest level of comfort and safety as a haven where passengers can relax, unwind and enjoy the magic of the rain. 

Thanks to our commitment to perfecting the interaction between technology and nature, ADASTEC's commitment to providing a seamless and enjoyable experience provides you with a warm haven in rainy weather and a cool breeze in sunny weather.

Experience ADASTEC's Unforgettable Journeys in Stavanger

While rain and many other natural events continue to bless Norway with its spiritual presence, ADASTEC continues to serve the people of Stavanger without interruption and enjoys combining each journey with a bit of romance. We invite you to join us to embrace the beauty of rainy travel, where ADASTEC's Level-4 Automated Driving Software Platform unleashes a symphony of technology and nature, creating unforgettable memories for passengers with every raindrop along the way.