May 15, 2020

Automated Bus Pilot on MSU's campus in Michigan

Automated Bus Pilot on MSU's campus in Michigan

Designed for large-scale public transport on pre-defined public road routes, the ADASTEC Open Automated Bus Platform, named TEC-DRIVE, will be fully integrated with a wide range of compute, sensor, mapping and safety equipment. The open platform provides flexibility to bus manufacturers and, in turn, allows them to build the best automated bus configurations for the needs of the public transportation operators.“ADASTEC is proud to be part of PlanetM’s grant program initiative,” said Dr. Ali Peker, CEO of ADASTEC. “When the history of autonomous vehicles is charted, we will see the major role played by Michigan, its companies and its people. We believe, together, we can build a safer, more sustainable future that starts with Michigan and brings value to communities across the United States and the world.”

In summary, ADASTEC is making strides in the field of autonomous vehicles through its Open Automated Bus Platform, TEC-DRIVE, and partnerships with companies like BSCI and participation in pilot projects such as the one on MSU's campus in Michigan. By providing cutting-edge technology for driverless operations and collaborating with industry leaders, ADASTEC is helping to build a safer, more sustainable future in the transportation sector.

As the world continues to shift towards a more sustainable and autonomous future, it's crucial for companies to prioritize innovation and collaboration in order to stay competitive. With ADASTEC's expertise in autonomous vehicle technology and commitment to community building, it's poised to be a key player in this rapidly-evolving industry.

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