May 26, 2020

Karsan's Autonomous Bus Gets First Order from Romania

BSCI Orders Autonomous Atak Electric Bus from Karsan

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BSCI, one of Romania's top technology companies, has placed an order for one Autonomous Atak Electric bus from Karsan. The bus will be used in the Industry Park in the city of Ploiești, where it will be part of a pilot project.

Pilot Project in Pre-Designated Area

The Autonomous Atak Electric bus will be on pilot service in a pre-designated project area within the Industry Park. This will allow BSCI to test the bus's capabilities in a controlled environment and determine how it can best be utilized in the future.

ADASTEC Provides Automation System for Driverless Operations

The technological system for the Autonomous Atak Electric bus's driverless operations will be provided by ADASTEC Corp. ADASTEC's cutting-edge technology will enable the bus to navigate its route safely and efficiently, making it a valuable asset for BSCI.

We are excited to see how BSCI will utilize the Autonomous Atak Electric bus and the benefits it will bring to the Ploiești Industry Park. The bus is expected to be delivered to BSCI by the end of the year.

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