April 1, 2018

San Francisco Office

ADASTEC Corp. Opens New Technology Office in San Francisco to Drive Innovation in Autonomous Driving Technology

ADASTEC Corp., a leading technology company, has opened a new technology office in San Francisco, California. The move is part of ADASTEC's expansion strategy to grow its presence in the United States and tap into the vibrant tech ecosystem in the Bay Area.

The new office will be dedicated to developing cutting-edge technologies in autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. With this expansion, ADASTEC Corp. aims to strengthen its capabilities in research and development and bring innovative solutions to the market.

"The opening of our San Francisco technology office marks a significant milestone in our growth strategy," said Dr. Ali Peker, CEO of ADASTEC Corp. "We believe the Bay Area offers a unique ecosystem for innovation and collaboration, and we are excited to be part of it. This expansion demonstrates our commitment to developing advanced technologies that enable safer, smarter, and more sustainable transportation systems."

The San Francisco technology office is expected to become a hub for attracting and retaining top talent in the field of autonomous driving and artificial intelligence. The company plans to work closely with local universities and research institutions to develop the latest technologies and create new solutions for the transportation industry.

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