ADASTEC Demonstrates Transportation Evolution with Level-4 Buses at RNTP

ADASTEC's demonstration of Level-4 automated buses at RNTP 2023 marks a pivotal step towards the global adoption of smart, sustainable public transportation.

Clermont-Ferrand, November 21 – ADASTEC, a key SAE Level-4 Automated Driving Software Platform supplier, celebrated a groundbreaking demonstration at the recent Rencontres Nationales du Transport Public (RNTP) held from 17th to 19th October 2023. Over three days, ADASTEC captured the imagination of over 8,000 participants with their fully automated tours, signaling a solid public readiness for automated and connected transportation solutions.

Advanced Automated Bus Technology

At the heart of the event, ADASTEC's Level-4 automated bus, equipped with an advanced sensor suite, conducted more than 210 fully automated tours. This impressive feat was part of ADASTEC's commitment to demonstrating the robustness and reliability of their technology in real-world scenarios. The turnout, with an average of 1,400 passengers participating in the demonstration tours, clearly showed the enthusiasm and readiness of the public for a future of automated public transportation.

ADASTEC's participation as an exhibitor was a resonant success, gaining much attention and reinforcing the message that the future of transportation is here. With a successful deployment of their automated buses in Stavanger, Norway, and at Michigan State University, ADASTEC is at the forefront of modernizing public transport globally.

Pioneering Smart, Connected Public Transportation

Collaborating with OEMs, ADASTEC provides factory-fitted solutions that are already revolutionizing urban mobility.

"The electrifying response we received at RNTP validates our mission," stated Ali İhsan Danışman, Chief Commercial Officer of ADASTEC. "We are not just showcasing a product; we are steering a transformative shift in public transport. Our automated buses are the answer to urban congestion, offering a smart, sustainable, and economically viable solution for cities."

Looking ahead, ADASTEC envisions a global deployment of automated buses, addressing the urgent need for efficient and modern public transportation systems. With public transport ridership increasing and the need for economic growth, ADASTEC's innovative solutions offer a promising future. Their autonomy as a service platform,, is set to revolutionize public transportation by enabling full automation along specified routes, integrating with infotainment, payment, and shared mobility services for a top-tier passenger experience.

The demonstration of on state-of-the-art full-size electric buses has proven the potential for a significant reduction in labor costs and the delivery of broad economic returns to businesses and communities. ADASTEC's commitment to innovation and their successful demonstration at RNTP 2023 pave the way for a smarter, safer, and more connected future.

Take the next step towards a smarter city with ADASTEC

Discover the advancements in automated public transit that are setting new benchmarks for efficiency, safety, and sustainability. With state-of-the-art automated bus technologies ready for global deployment, the opportunity to transform urban mobility is here. Municipalities, transport operators, and industry leaders are invited to be at the forefront of this transformation.

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