ADASTEC Takes Stage at APTA TRANSform EXPO 2023 in Orlando Florida

ADASTEC Corp participated at APTA TRANSform EXPO 2023, introducing "," to the world of public transit.

Leading the Charge in Automated Public Transportation

Orlando, Florida – October 31, 2023 – ADASTEC Corp., a pioneering software company specializing in automated and connected public transportation vehicles, showcased its cutting-edge technology at the APTA TRANSform EXPO 2023 in Orlando, Florida, from October 9th to 11th. This event is recognized as one of the foremost gatherings in the autonomous vehicle industry, and ADASTEC was proud to be a prominent participant.


The event, which attracted industry leaders, innovators, and stakeholders from around the world, provided ADASTEC with an excellent platform to demonstrate its groundbreaking SAE Level-4 Automated Driving Software Platform, "" This platform empowers OEMs to develop modern, automated, shared, and connected commercial vehicles, setting new standards in the public transportation sector.

A Revolutionary Approach to Automated Transportation

ADASTEC's presence at APTA TRANSform EXPO 2023 highlighted its commitment to advancing the future of automated public transit. Leveraging proprietary software and sensor technology, ADASTEC enables public transit buses to achieve SAE Level-4 autonomy. This breakthrough technology has already found deployments across the U.S. and Europe, transforming the way communities experience public transportation.

Dr. Ali, Chief Executive Officer of ADASTEC, stated, "Our participation in APTA TRANSform EXPO 2023 has been a fantastic opportunity to showcase our technology and the transformative impact it can have on the future of public transportation. Together with Vicinity, we are poised to revolutionize the North American market and enhance the mobility experience for all."

 A Partnership That Shapes the Future

In addition to its impressive technological showcase, ADASTEC took the opportunity to spotlight its groundbreaking partnership with Vicinity Motor Corp. (Vicinity), a leading provider of commercial electric vehicles in North America. The partnership aims to revolutionize the North American market by combining Vicinity's expertise in medium-duty, electrified low-floor transit vehicles with ADASTEC's SAE Level-4 automated driving software platform, "" This collaboration focuses on driving innovation, accessibility, and sustainability, with a vision to make a lasting impact on communities and passengers.

Brent Phillips, Sr. Director of Sales at Vicinity., added, "The feedback and engagement we experienced with leaders in public transit at APTA exceeded our expectations. We are able to move these opportunities and conversations forward with proven technology for deployment now, not years from now. The Vicinity Lightning Driven by ADASTEC is the electric bus solution available that is truly Transit 6.0 available today. Our partnership is bringing the next decade forward for market realization now."

ADASTEC's participation in APTA TRANSform EXPO 2023 facilitated connections with industry professionals, innovators, and potential partners. The event served as a hub for networking and collaboration, contributing to the growth and development of the autonomous transportation ecosystem.

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