Karsan Atak Electric; What you need to know about the model that stands out with its driverless features

Karsan Atak Electric, which came to the fore with overseas orders in the process, is breaking new ground with its 4th-level autonomous driving technology.

What you need to know about the model that stands out with its driverless features

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Breaking new ground in its class with its autonomous driving dynamics, Karsan Atak Electric is one of the important names of its brand that has made its name known abroad. Karsan, which has been successful in catching current trends in recent years, uses Level-4 autonomous driving technology in the Atak Electric model within the scope of its cooperation with ADASTEC, another Turkish company. It is also possible to see the future of transportation in this scheme, which includes the most severe technology before the 5th level, which is an entirely driverless experience. Atak Electric had expanded its borders with its first international order as of May. BSCI, one of the leading technology companies in Romania, has ordered an Autonomous Atak Electric to be used in the Industrial Park in the city of PloeĊŸti in this process. Before the domestic automobile, the electric rise comes from the Karsan front.

Atak Electric, which has a design line, draws attention at first glance with its LED daytime running lights. The electric motor working in Atak Electric, which has 230 kWh engine power, produces 2,400 Nm of torque and promises its user a high-performance driving experience. With a total battery capacity of 220 kWh with five 44 kWh batteries developed by BMW, the 8 m class Atak Electric can be charged in 5 hours with alternating current charging units and in 3 hours with fast charging units while staying ahead of its competitors with its 300 km range. Moreover, thanks to the regenerative braking system that provides energy recovery, the batteries can charge themselves up to 25 percent. The model, which offers a passenger capacity of 52 people, has two different seat placement options, 18+4 and 21+4 folding. Introduced for the first time in September 2018, Atak Electric is being developed on BMW infrastructure, as in Jest Electric.