ADASTEC selects Teledyne FLIR

ADASTEC selects Teledyne FLIR thermal sensors for Level-4 autonomous bus platform.

Mass Transit Article: ADASTEC selects Teledyne FLIR

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Recently, ADASTEC unveiled its level-four, full-size, full-speed autonomous bus platform,

The Teledyne FLIR thermal cameras are necessary because the automation platform is built to run continuously throughout the year, including through ever-changing weather conditions. Thermal cameras work in conjunction with a variety of other sensor modalities to provide a secure autonomous driving system for situations when other cars, cyclists, and pedestrians all use the same route.

With a primary focus on enhancing the detection and safety of all vulnerable road users on or near the road and at bus stops, ADASTEC integrated thermal cameras. In order to more easily identify and categorize individuals who are partially hidden by surrounding vehicles and other typical roadside and urban objects, thermal cameras are a significant sensor technology.

The use of's thermal integration

Two Teledyne FLIR thermal cameras are installed on the automation platform: one is located on the front of the bus to scan forward, and the other is mounted on the right side of the bus to scan side to side. In particular, humans standing close to local bus stops and crosswalks are detected by these locations, as are bicycles and animals that move into the route of the bus.

In order to provide redundancy and the flexibility to interpret the environment in a wide range of conditions and to make the most suitable decisions and take the necessary actions safely, the data from the thermal sensor is fused with data from RGB (visible light) cameras, LIDAR, ultrasonic sensors, and radars.


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