MSU debuts Autonomous Electric Bus

Michigan State University will operate its first electric autonomous bus on campus.

Michigan State University Unveils First Autonomous Bus for Spring 2022 Semester

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After years of research with experimental vehicles, Michigan State University is unveiling its first autonomous bus. The bus, which can carry 22 passengers, will use sensors to detect traffic flow and adjust its own speed, braking, and turns, while a driver will monitor the vehicle for safety purposes. The bus will travel non-stop between the Farm Lane commuter lot and the MSU Auditorium.

MSU Interim Director of Mobility Satish Udpa said the bus has already completed more than 400 test runs to ensure safety, with autonomous technology expected to make roads safer in the future.

ADASTEC, a San Francisco-based technology company, developed the technology behind the autonomous bus. Ali Peker, CEO and co-founder of ADASTEC, believes autonomous vehicles are the biggest change in transportation since the beginning of the century and can significantly contribute to clean transportation.

The bus will undergo further testing over the next few months before becoming operational in the Spring 2022 semester.

As autonomous technology continues to evolve, the potential for a safer and more sustainable transportation system becomes increasingly apparent. The introduction of MSU's first autonomous bus marks a significant step forward for autonomous transportation and its potential for positive impact.